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The only thing better than eating at GYG? Owning one.

Love our food? Got a head for business and a heart for hospitality? Join the family with a GYG restaurant of your very own! We love welcoming franchisees who are as obsessed with great food as we are. If this sounds like you, inquire today!

We are currently seeking potential franchisees for the following locations, please send an enquiry below and let us know if you are interested in any of them!

Sydney, suburbs – multiple new restaurants (Drive-Thru)
Port Macquarie – new restaurant (Drive-Thru)
Sydney CBD – existing restaurant (non Drive-Thru)
Coffs Harbour – existing restaurant (Drive-thru)
Brisbane, northern suburbs – new restaurant (Drive-Thru)
Brisbane, south east suburbs – new restaurants (Drive-Thru)
Brisbane, south west suburbs – new restaurants (Drive-Thru)
Gold Coast – new restaurant (Drive-Thru)
Sunshine Coast – new restaurant (Drive-Thru)
Cairns – new restaurant (Drive-Thru)
Mackay – new restaurant (Drive-Thru)
Townsville – existing restaurant (Drive-thru)

Melbourne CBD – existing restaurant (non Drive-Thru)
Melbourne, inner city suburbs – new restaurants (non Drive-Thru)
Melbourne, north east suburbs – new restaurants (Drive-Thru)
Melbourne, south east suburbs – new restaurants (non Drive-Thru)
Melbourne, East suburbs- new restaurant (Drive-Thru)
Melbourne East – existing restaurant (non Drive-Thru)

Perth, north of the river – new restaurants (Drive-Thru)
Perth, south of the river – new restaurants (non Drive-Thru)
Other Perth opportunities coming up soon

A new restaurant typically costs between $700k – $1.1m to establish.

You will need a minimum nett worth of $400k to obtain funding from our accredited banks to open a new GYG restaurant.