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What is a ‘GYG Free Burrito Day’?
To launch a new restaurant, GYG celebrates by giving away Free Burritos.

What do I need to do/bring/know to get a Free Burrito?
Nothing at all, good friends! Just come along and join the fun.

Can I get a Burrito filling of my choice?
Um yes! We make all Burritos fresh and to order (and will never compromise on this!), so you can have your favourite filling and customise it to suit your needs. Unfortunately, this does not include brown rice or whole wheat tortillas as we do not serve these items on Free Burrito Day.

Can I get Guacamole on my Burrito? And is it free?
You sure can, and yes it is! As long as you order in Spanish “Podrías agregar Guacamole a mi burrito, por favor?” Just kidding, you don’t have to order in Spanish, but seriously you can get Guacamole and it is free!

Can I get a Fajita or Enchilada style Burrito, Mini Burrito or Little Guy Burrito?
Given the popularity of Free Burrito Day, we offer regular Burritos or Burrito Bowls.

The queue looks very (very) long, how long will it take to get a Free Burrito?
Don’t be deterred by the length of the queue, it moves very fast and on average takes 15-20mins to get your Burrito!

Can I pay for a Burrito and skip the queue?
No queue jumping allowed!

Can I order other food items on Free Burrito Day?
Not on Free Burrito Day, but our full menu is available the following day!

Are soft drinks and water also free?
Drinks during free burrito day are sold at regular price.

Can I order Coronas, Frozen Margaritas or other alcoholic drinks on Free Burrito Day?
You sure can! Alcoholic beverages are available at our licensed restaurants.

Can I get more than one Free Burrito?
It is one Burrito or Burrito Bowl per person.

Are you going to run out of Burritos?

How many crew members are working in the kitchen?
Lots, we have assembled an incredible crew to ensure your Burrito is served fresh and fast!

How else can I find out the date of my local Free Burrito Day?
Announcements are made on Facebook and Instagram to join our community to stay connected.