25% OFF DoorDash Brekkie orders until December 12!

15 November 2022
By GYG Team

The only way we know to start the day is with the best Mexican food in Australia, found in our amazing GYG Brekkie restaurants across the country. From freshly made barista coffee to perfectly rolled Brekkie Burritos, the choices are endless when you start your day with us!

For all those who like a bit of a sleep in or take their time getting their day started, we are lucky enough to have some amazing delivery partners who can get your GYG Brekkie delivered to your door in no time! And the DoorDash crew have announced that for 4 whole weeks, they will be offering 25% OFF all breakfast orders over $25!!! That’s right, a whopping 25% Off your favourite breakfast orders!

So no excuses to not be a morning person, because a whole month of your brekkie orders will be 25% Off when you order on the DoorDash app from your nearest breakfast restaurant, which you can find by clicking the link below!



Get 25% off breakfast orders with Guzman y Gomez on DoorDash and use a promo code GYG25. Minimum order value is $25 in order to redeem. Offer valid until 12/12/2022. All deliveries subject to availability. See full terms and conditions at http://help.doordash.com/consumers/s/article/offer-terms-conditions.