Frequently Asked Questions

GYG Delivery

Does GYG Deliver?

We sure do – we call it GYG Delivery’! You can order your favourite menu items through the GYG App or website and have them delivered straight to your door. The best part is you can earn GYG Points and access exclusive products while doing so!

How does GYG Delivery work?
  1. Download the GYG App: Available on iOS and Android – simply search for Guzman y Gomez in your app store.
  2. Browse and Order: Click ‘order’ and select delivery, explore our menu packed with all your favourite picks.
  3. Track Your Order: Sit back and relax while you track your delivery right to your door through the GYG App.
  4. Enjoy!!!
Does my local GYG restaurant Deliver?

Most of our restaurants offer GYG Delivery, the best way to check is to start an order on the GYG App or website. 

How much is GYG Delivery?

GYG Delivery has a flat $5 delivery fee, with no service fees and a $25 minimum spend on orders.  

Can I pay cash when I get GYG Delivery?

No, but you can pay with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Credit Card on the GYG App and website. 

What do I contact if I have an issue a GYG Delivery order?

If your issue is related to a live delivery order, then please contact Uber Support through the GYG App or website. 

Can I cancel my GYG Delivery order?

Once an order is placed it’s sent directly to our restaurants to start preparing your food! Unfortunately, we cannot make updates to an order once it is placed.  

Can I earn GYG Points on GYG Delivery orders?

You sure can! GOMEX Rewards members earn 1 point for every $1 spent on GYG Delivery orders.  

What are the benefits of GYG Delivery?
  • $5 Flat Delivery Fee: No surprises – a standard flat fee on delivery orders.  
  • No Service Fee: Enjoy your favourite goodies without any extra charges. 
  • Earn GYG Points: Every order through the GYG App as a GOMEX Rewards Member earns loyalty points, bringing you closer to tasty rewards. 
  • Exclusive Products & Bundles: Access app-exclusive treats and bundles! 


Why have my GYG$ and points disappeared?

If you find your GYG$ and points are missing, then please ensure you are logging into your original GOMEX account. You can use the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login screen if you have forgotten your details.

If you have an existing ‘Email and Password’ account and choose to login with Apple ID, Facebook or Google, it may create a new account if a different email address is being used. This will mean you don’t have access to your GYG$, points and order information. You must login to your original account. 

If you have accidentally created a new account and have unredeemed GYG$ and points, feel free to reach out to our Guest Experience team who will assist you with this!

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password via the ‘Forgot your password’ link on our GYG App login screen. You can also use the login page on our website and the ‘Forgot your password’ link. If these methods don’t work then please uninstall and reinstall the GYG App and repeat the reset password process.  

If you experience any further issues, please reach out to our Guest Experience team who would be more than happy to assist you!

Why is my barcode not scanning?

Please try exiting out of the app and fully close the application. Wait a few minutes and reopen app. If you are still having issues you can try updating the app to the latest version via the app store.

Additionally please ensure that you have logged into your original GOMEX account. If you select login with Apple ID, Facebook or Google, it will create a new account rather than log you into your old one. As a result of this, your barcode may not come up as ‘active’. 

If you are logged into your original GOMEX account and need any assistance with getting your GOMEX barcode to work, contact our Guest Experience team who will investigate this for you!

If you miss out on scanning your barcode with any purchases, keep the receipts and send them through to our Guest Experience team and we can add these points to your account. 

How do I use my GYG$ on the app?

Our app allows you to use your GYG$ in-restaurant and on the app (yay!)

If you would like to redeem your GYG$ in-restaurant, simply ask the crew to scan your barcode and inform them that you would like to redeem your GYG$.

If you would like to redeem them via the app, select the items you wish to purchase, then at the checkout select ‘Redeem my GYG Dollars’ and type in how many GYG$ you would like to redeem. This amount will be deducted from your order total. Please note this is not an automatic deduction and must be manually selected.

How do I use my Free Burrito Coupon on the app?

On the app add items from the menu and go to the cart. In the GOMEX Rewards section, you will have the option to redeem your ‘free burrito reward’ coupon.

Please note: this is a coupon to the value of a burrito and does not need to be redeemed for a burrito specifically, as it will discount the value of a regular burrito off the total cost of your order. This coupon will not automatically add a burrito to your order.

Why don’t I have a free Burrito coupon?

It is one free Burrito Person per customer, not per account. 

If you create a new account and our system flags that you have already received the coupon on another account, you will not be issued another one.

How to place an order on the app?

To order on our app, you will first need to choose a GYG location!

You can do this by selecting from the list of your closest restaurants at the top of the app homepage, or by tapping the ‘Order’ button at the bottom of the screen, which will open a list of our restaurants. 

When using the reorder function, and choosing the same menu items and customisations from a previous order, please ensure the location you choose to reorder from is correct — this can be modified by selecting the top banner.

Now for the fun bit! You can browse the tabs at the top to find and select the item(s) you wish to order. You can also select your personal choice of filling and spice level. 

You will also be given the option to make it a meal, add drinks, or customise your order to your favourite specifications! 

Once you are finished choosing your favourite items, you can tap “Next” to proceed to the cart, or “Add Another” to include more items to your order.

If you wish to confirm your order, press the “View Order” button. There, you can confirm all the items & customisations are correct. If you need to make a change, tap the pencil icon in the bottom left corner of each menu item in the cart to edit it further. Here, you can also confirm your pick-up time and the pick-up location. 

Now select your preferred payment method, and make the order. This will be finalised and your order will be sent to the store of your choice!

After paying, you will be sent to a confirmation screen with all the details of your order, including your order number. This confirmation will also be sent via email.

Make sure to present your order number or app confirmation screen upon arrival to help our team out. 

How do I delete items from my order?

If you wish to delete an item from your order, go to ‘Your Order’ page and tap the bin icon next to the quantity amount. This will then ask if you would like to delete the item. If you wish to delete the item, select ‘Delete’. If you wish to keep the item, select ‘cancel’

How do I delete my account?

We’re not good with goodbyes. But if you wish to delete your account, open the GYG App and access the ‘My GYG’ screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, click ‘Delete My Account’ and then select the ‘Delete’ button. Input the code you receive via the SMS number associated with your account and click ‘Confirm’.

If you have any issues please reach out to our Guest experience team.

Can I change my app/web order details?

By pressing “confirm order”, you confirm all elements of your order. This includes the order total, pickup location & time, as well as the contents of your order. Therefore, we usually cannot update an order once placed. You can contact the restaurant directly to see if they can assist. Please find restaurant contact details here.

Can I cancel my order?

Once an order is placed it’s sent directly to our restaurants so we can start preparing your food straight away! Therefore, we usually cannot make updates to an order once placed. You can try contacting the restaurant directly to ensure there is no food wastage. Please find the restaurant contact details here.

Why is the new restaurant not on the app?

Due to the large influx of orders we have on the $5 burrito opening day, our new restaurants will become available on the app in the days following the open.

Can I order in advance?

You can order via the GYG App and website up to 1 week in advance.

General Enquiries

My guacamole or another menu item is missing. What should I do?

We are so sorry to hear this, it’s not how we roll. You can reach out to our Guest Experience team for more help.

Can I order online?

You sure can! You can order on the GYG app (download it now from your local App Store) or head on over to our web ordering page to place an order for pick up at your nearest restaurant!

Does GYG offer Delivery?

We deliver via the GYG App (if GYG Delivery is available in your area). Additionally you can order delivery via our partners at Uber Eats, Menulog and DoorDash. Log on to your delivery app to see if we deliver to your area.

Does GYG sell Gift Cards?

We definitely do sell Gift Cards, if you pop into any one of our restaurants, one of the crew will be able to organise this for you. Gift Cards can be loaded with any amount over $10 and have a 3 year expiration date from date of purchase. Why wouldn’t you get friends or family the gift of GYG?!

Does GYG take bookings?

We don’t generally take bookings, but if you have a large group you can contact your local restaurant to see if they can fit you in!

Where is my closest GYG?

Check out our locations page for all restaurant information and to find your nearest GYG!

Do any of your restaurants have Drive Thrus?

To find your nearest Drive Thru restaurant and for more information visit the locations page on our website.

Is your packaging sustainable?

Sustainability has always been incredibly important to us at GYG. Our takeaway bags are biodegradable and recyclable. The packaging that our bowls, nachos etc. are served in  is biodegradable and compostable and made from recycled sugar cane pulp, and our cutlery is also compostable. We get our supply from BioPak and work closely with our partner to continue to develop new sustainable packaging options.

How can you buy GYG merchandise?

Unfortunately our merch is reserved for our team and we don’t sell it to the public, however, we do run merch giveaways every now and then so keep an eye on our socials for our next giveaway!

Do GYG sponsor local sports and community groups?

All sponsorship requests can now be completed via our website. Please follow the prompts here to submit a formal sponsorship application.

Can I get a copy of my receipt/tax invoice?

You can reach out to our Guest Experience team for help.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

Please find a link to our terms and conditions here.

Is there a limit to the $5 burritos on opening days?

There isn’t a specific limit on the number of $5 burritos that can be bought on our opening days. The availability will be determined by the restaurant’s discretion and how busy they are when you place your order.


How do I check the kilojoules or calories for my meal?

The kilojoule and calorie information for all our food is Allergen, Ingredient and Nutritional information available on our website.

Does GYG cater for large events or parties?

GYG is perfect for your next big party or event! Click through to our catering form to find out if your nearest restaurant can cater for you!

Can I customise my meal?

Yes, you can customise your order. At GYG we pride ourselves on using only the best quality ingredients and every order is made fresh just the way you like it!

Do you serve coffee?

Many of our restaurants serve barista-made coffee! Check out our location page for information and to find your nearest restaurant serving coffee!

Does GYG serve Alcohol?

Most of our restaurants serve alcohol. Check the locations page to see if your local restaurant serves alcohol.

What time does breakfast finish?

Breakfast is available at selected restaurants from early until 10.30am. Check out the locations page to find your nearest restaurant.

Do any GYG restaurants serve Halal options?

We do have Halal certified chicken across all our locations. We do however work with other Non-Halal meats and we do not follow Halal processes in the kitchen. If you have any further questions feel free to contact our team.

Do you have a Kids menu?

Our Little G’s menu is full of great options for kids which you can check out here. 

Do you have breakfast options?

GYG restaurants serve breakfast from open – 10.30am every day, find your nearest breakfast restaurant on our locations page and check out our full breakfast menu.

Are you able to cater for my specific dietary requirements?

Our menu is customisable to allow choices for our guests, but if you have a particular food sensitivity or allergy please review the Allergen, Ingredient and Nutritional information. Please note due to our open-plan kitchen we cannot ensure cross contact between ingredients.

Do you offer vegetarian and vegan options?

Please find our full menu on our menu page. including menu, filling and nutritional information.

What ingredients are in my meal?

As part of our Clean food promise we are transparent about all the ingredients in our food. You can review Allergen, Ingredient and Nutritional information.


What is GOMEX?

GYG’s loyalty program that rewards you for every $1 you spend. Find out everything you need to know by clicking here.

How do I join GOMEX?

You can download GYG’s app and sign up using an email address. Click here to more information and links to download. 

What is the rate of reward?

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent. For every 150 points you receive $10 credit to spend instore, online or GYG’s app. Please note that whe receiving the $10 credit, 150 points will be deducted from your points balance.

Can I add points from a purchase to my GOMEX account?

Please reach out to our guest experience team here with a copy of your receipt and they can manually add those points for you. Please note: points can only be added for purchases made after the creation of your account.

Can I earn loyalty points from a delivery order?

To earn loyalty points on delivery orders you can order delivery via the GYG App (if GYG Delivery is available in your area). You cannot earn loyalty points when you order through one of our external delivery partners.

What are the benefits of GOMEX?

There are heaps of awesome benefits to being a member of our GOMEX Rewards program, including earning points on every order you place! To find out more visit the GOMEX Rewards page on our website.


What qualities do you look for in a potential franchisee?

Our best franchisees are energetic, resilient and relentless. You have to be willing to be a hands-on owner operator, leading day to day operations of the business. Most importantly, you need to live and love the GYG values every day!

Do I need a background in food?

No, but a passion for food is a must! You must love to be around food, enjoy fast-paced environments and be passionate about providing high quality, fresh food to our guests.

Do I need a background in hospitality?

Hospitality experience is preferred however not compulsory. You need to understand a ‘hospitality lifestyle’ – long hours, high pressure, non-stop, and demonstrate significant business acumen and a successful career.

How long is the commitment to owning a GYG franchise?

We expect a long term commitment. This is usually in the range of a minimum of 10-20 years, including 9-12 months of paid training and onboarding period.

What is the financial investment needed?

A new restaurant typically costs between $1.7m – $2m to establish. You will need a minimum of 40% of the total investment in liquid assets (approximately $700K – $800K) to obtain funding from our accredited banks to open a new GYG restaurant.

Work with Us

Do you have jobs available?

We are always looking for amazing people to join the GYG family. Check out our careers page

How do I apply for a job at GYG?

We are always looking for new people to join the GYG family! If you think you or someone you might know would be interested in a role at one of our restaurants or our Hola Central HQ. Click here to see what is currently available. 

How can you become a GYG franchisee?

Everything you need to know about becomming a franchisee can be found here.