The only thing better than eating at GYG? Owning one.
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Join the family with a GYG restaurant of your very own! We love welcoming franchisees who are as obsessed with great food as we are. If this sounds like you, enquire today!



About our food

Our Food

Since day one we have been obsessed with making Clean and delicious Mexican food using the best quality fresh produce. It’s all about delivering an amazing guest experience, every single time!

About our crew

Our People

Our crew, franchisees and Hola Central crew all share one thing in common - passion! From our love for food to amazing cultural celebrations like Day of the Dead, our high-energy culture is infectious.

Our Technology

Our Technology

In creating our linear cook line, we created the fastest operating platform in the world. GYG’s focus on accuracy, speed and convenience ensures every order is made fresh, as quickly as possible!

"If you want to be part of a rapidly growing brand, GYG is the brand for you! We’re constantly moving forward, it’s really exciting."

- Ruben and Natalie Henriques (GYG Franchisees)


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STEP 1 - Enquire

Make an online enquiry and fill out the questionnaire.

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STEP 2 - Interview

Our franchise recruitment team will contact you by phone for an initial interview.

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STEP 3 - Online Interview

Online interview with our Director of Franchise.

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STEP 4 - Meet our Founder

Online brief meeting with Steven Marks (Founder and co-CEO).

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Step 5 - Application

We will send you a Franchisee Application Form and NDA.

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Step 6 - Business Presentation

We will share high-level information about the business.

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Step 7 - Restaurant Visit

Opportunity for you to spend 5 days in a restaurant to understand our operations and culture.

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Step 8 - Connect

Connect with our franchisees and discuss financial capability with our affiliated banks. They shall provide you with an indicative answer.

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Step 9 - Due Diligence

We will share more high-level information to assist you with your due diligence.

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Step 10 - Hola Central

Meet at Hola Central (Head Office) in Sydney for your final interview with our Leadership Team.

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Step 11 - Legal

We will send you the legal documentation and site information.

GYG for Training

Step 12 - Training

(Paid) Training will start between 9 - 12 months prior to the store opening. Our New Restaurant Opening (NRO) team and Culinary and Operations Coach will support you.

$5 Burrito Offer

Step 13 - Opening Day

Opening Day! Get ready for the $5 burritos & bowls day!



What qualities do you look for in a potential franchisee?

Our best franchisees are energetic, resilient and relentless. You have to be willing to be a hands-on owner operator, leading day to day operations of the business. Most importantly, you need to live and love the GYG values every day!

Do I need a background in food?

No, but a passion for food is a must! You must love to be around food, enjoy fast-paced environments and be passionate about providing high quality, fresh food to our guests.

Do I need a background in hospitality?

Hospitality experience is preferred however not compulsory. You need to understand a ‘hospitality lifestyle’ – long hours, high pressure, non-stop, and demonstrate significant business acumen and a successful career.

How long is the commitment to owning a GYG franchise?

We expect a long term commitment. This is usually in the range of a minimum of 10-20 years, including 9-12 months of paid training and onboarding period.

What is the financial investment needed?

A new restaurant typically costs between $1.7m – $2m to establish. You will need a minimum of 40% of the total investment in liquid assets (approximately $700K – $800K) to obtain funding from our accredited banks to open a new GYG restaurant.