A recap on GYG Schaumburg’s Opening!!

There’s no gatekeeping around here, GYG is going global!

23 January 2023
By GYG Team

There’s no gatekeeping around here, GYG is going global! Guzman y Gomez has officially opened our second US location in Schaumburg, Illinois, following the Naperville restaurant opening in 2020. 

We’ve heard the Aussies loud and clear, you don’t want to share your favourite Mexican restaurant, but GYG is a global brand that wants to show the world that fast food doesn’t have to be bad food!

Our founder and CEO Steven Marks has always had the dream of bringing GYG back “home” to the US. “GYG expanding into the US gives us a perfect opportunity to bring a fresh and healthy approach to Mexican fast food. We believe that GYG is going to be the best fast food brand globally because nobody can replicate the value and delicious tasting food we offer.”

From our freshly prepped Pico de Gallo and Guac to our amazing flame-grilled Angus steak, the Schaumburg community came out in the freezing cold to get their $5 Burritos and Bowls. 

We don’t mess around when it comes to our opening days, at GYG Schaumburg’s Grand Opening the crew smashed out 4,536 Burritos and Bowls which is a burrito rolled nearly every 8 seconds!

This opening is just the beginning for us though! 2023 is set to be our biggest year yet, with a record number of restaurants set to open in Australia and the US! Our goal is to open over 30 new GYG restaurants across Australia before 1 July. So keep your eyes peeled, that big YELLOW sign could be popping up near you!

Watch GYG Schaumburg Opening below 👇🏼