Who told you that your cheat meal couldn’t also tick your food goals? At GYG we have your sorted!

25 March 2021
By GYG Team

How to customise your next GYG order to suit your diet and training!

It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against the concept of a cheat meal – we can all agree that, if you’ve been following a more restrictive diet it’s nice to have a break.

But who told you that your cheat meal couldn’t also tick your food goals?

Here are five reasons you don’t need a cheat meal.

Want more protein?

That might be a stupid question as it seems top of the list for just about everyone. Here are some tips for protein powered nutrition:

  • Nachos have one of the highest amounts of protein per serve, with protein from Free Range Chicken, Pulled Pork or Slow Cooked Beef, black beans and of course all that delicious cheese.
  • Mild Slow Cooked Beef Tacos have the highest protein per 100g. Order these for a protein-packed snack with 15g per taco.
  • Mild Free Range Grilled Chicken Salad has the highest protein per Calorie, great if you’re wanting protein but are also conscious of your energy intake.

Need some extra protein? Try adding extra slow Cooked Beef, Pulled Pork or Free Range Grilled Chicken. A regular serving of these provides at least 25g of protein.

Need those veggies?

You don’t need to order a salad (or do if that’s your thing – they pack a veggie punch with almost 2.5 serves per bowl) just simply:

  • Step 1: Order a burrito, bowl or nachos – they all have black beans which contribute over 1 serve of veggies (and have heaps of other benefits but that’s another blog)
  • Step 2: Add extra sautéed vegetables. That’ll add 1 and 1/3 serves of veggies (even more if you count the guac).

With these two steps you’ll be well on your way to hitting your daily serves of vegetables.

  • Avoiding carbs?

The best way to avoid carbs is to beef up a salad. Our salad base has 4g of carbohydrate. Then just add or customise how you need:

  • Our Free Range Grilled Chicken or Slow Cooked Beef filling has the lowest carbs with less than 0.5g per serve
  • The Mex Chimi Mayo is a great swap for the Chipotle Mayo dressing which will save you over 1g of carbs

Watching your Calories?

GYG’s Mini’s are a great choice for the authentic GYG flavour with fewer Calories. If you’re looking for other ways to get the flavour hit with less Calories try these:

  • Remove any cheese
  • Avoid deep fried options, like corn chips, hard tacos and fries
  • Choose extras like jalapenos, coriander, chopped fresh onion or salsa rather than higher calorie options like guac or sour cream.

Pumping up the plant-based?

If you want to pump up those veggies, legumes and whole grains. Try ordering

  • Burrito Bowl with Brown rice and no cheese – And don’t forget to let our friendly staff know (or select no cheese for delivery orders) you’re avoiding cheese
  • Salad swap the Chipotle Mayo for Mex Chimi Mayo and order a side of black beans or brown rice (or both). Mix the sides with the salad and you have one delicious veggie and legume or wholegrain feast.

Have questions on how to customise your cheat meal? Let us know and we’ll send you some suggestions.

Got a cheat meal customisation that hits some health goals and is worthy of a share – Let us know.