At GYG it’s ALWAYS been all about the food. That’s why we are so proud to announce that GYG’s food menu is now 100% Clean. GYG has defined Clean food as having:

At GYG we believe in real food, made fresh, using only the best ingredients.

As part of our commitment to Clean we will always provide transparency to you about what is in our food. You can see a full list of our ingredients here.

Like you, we are concerned about the safety and health impacts of all the nasties in a lot of modern food. That’s why we have developed a list of Unacceptable Additives that we have banned from GYG’s food. You can view this list here.

At GYG you won’t find many additives in our food, but when additives are necessary we’ll explain why, and what they are. Click here to view more information.

Our whole team has been working on Clean for three years, reviewing every ingredient to make sure our food menu is totally Clean. We have worked tirelessly with our suppliers to achieve this milestone, updating some of our most iconic products like our cheese, tortillas and our marinades to eliminate ingredients that didn’t meet the strict Clean criteria. We want to ensure all our guests feel great every time they eat at GYG. Please see below a timeline of our journey to Clean.