1.1 GYG offers an in-app delivery option, which allows you to order GYG for delivery from participating GYG restaurants in Australia (GYG Delivery). These terms apply to any delivery orders you place in the delivery program.

1.2 When you use GYG Delivery outside the required geographic areas, the GYG Delivery Platform will not be available to you.

1.3 GYG uses a third-party delivery provider for GYG Delivery. You acknowledge and agree that the third-party delivery provider is responsible for: collecting the order; providing the delivery services; and managing customer support for complaints relating to the order and delivery. From time to time, the third party will escalate any complaints to GYG for further review.

1.4 To access GYG Delivery, you will need to enter personal information (including your address, name, phone number and email address). GYG will share the information you enter with the third-party delivery provider assigned to your order. This information will be handled in accordance with the GYG Privacy Policy.

1.5 GYG orders have a minimum order value, include a delivery fee (which may vary from time to time) and are subject to a goods and services tax. You will have the opportunity to review the price of your order (including the fees) before the order is placed.

1.6 Prices for items in GYG Delivery orders may vary from the prices for the same items in pick up orders. Certain offers and pricing may not be available for all orders at all locations. Item prices may be different if you switch restaurants or change how you’re getting your order. Updated order totals can result from the unavailability of certain products, changes in price, or other reasons.

1.7 As the restaurant locator relies on third-party systems, GYG does not promise that the restaurant locator will be available or accurate at all times. Trading hours are correct at the time of publishing but subject to variation.

1.8 GYG proposes which restaurant will complete the order based on time, distance and restaurant capacity.

1.9 Quoted delivery times are estimates only and may be affected by driver availability, traffic, weather and order volume. We give you an estimated time at the start of the order process and prior to you completing the order to give you the most up to date time.

1.10 GYG service areas are constantly changing as we work with our third-party delivery provider to deliver the freshest possible products and to meet changing demands. You may find that that the availability GYG Delivery in your area changes from time to time.

1.11 GYG Delivery may only be used in Australia and only in respect of meal items generally available at participating GYG restaurants across Australia.