“GYG isn’t just a job to me. It’s a lifestyle”

A journey from crew, to part owner

25 January 2023
By GYG Team

“GYG isn’t just a job to me. It’s a lifestyle” 

When Gabi Antelmi joined the Guzman y Gomez team in 2011, she never would have thought that 12 years later she would be a sponsored Australian citizen with a husband and two children, all thanks to GYG. 

Currently, Gabi works as the Operations Manager at the GYGs in Wollongong, Shellharbour and soon-to-be Fairy Meadow (opening 2nd February), but her journey actually began at restaurant number one, Newtown. Gabi remembers that Newtown was where her favourite GYG memories took place as she felt the sense of community within the crew and the fun energy of the restaurant!

After working her way through different roles, Gabi moved to GYG Canberra as a Restaurant Manager and shortly after, met new franchisee, Paul O’Neil. Over the past 10 years, Gabi has held different roles and is now the Operations Manager of the three GYGs in Illawarra. 

Gabi describes her immense gratitude for everything franchisee Paul O’Neil has given her, “he gave me all the skills that I need to take part in the business side more”. With all this experience under her belt, Gabi best summarises her time and love for the brand, ”I’ve worked here for 11 years and I still have GYG every day!” 

Our favourite part of Gabi’s story though has to do with her time at GYG Crows Nest. There, Gabi met a fellow crew member, Julian – her now husband. We do love a GYG love story! 

Now Gabi and Julian have two kids who live and breathe GYG as much as their parents, so much so that Gabi will get a call from her 8-year-old every day at 4 pm asking her mum to bring home a Little G’s Burrito or Quesadilla from work!

We love ya Gabi and can’t wait to see you successfully lead another great opening at Fairy Meadow. “GYG isn’t just a job to me. It’s a lifestyle” 

Watch Gabi’s story below!

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