We know how much you have all missed the amazing toasted beauty referred to as the Quesadilla!

4 May 2021
By GYG Team

Stop the press! We’ve got news that you won’t want to miss out on!!! After a slightly extended holiday and a little time off the GYG menu, we have made the executive decision to bring back a GYG favourite for good! What could it be you ask? Well it’s cheesy, it’s crunchy, it’s filled with all your favourites… it’s the QUESADILLA!!!

We know how much you have all missed this amazing toasted beauty, so we put our greatest minds together and found a way to make them even better!!! We’ve not only just brought back the quesadilla, but we’ve extended the range to include more lunch options and have also created a range of brekkie options to feature in our Café Hola menu!

With all these amazing new items, we think it’s pretty important to start with the biggest problem that you might face when ordering at your local GYG and that is how to pronounce these delicious parcels! So sound it out with us as it goes: kay-suh-dee-uh! Easy right?

Ok onto the next step, which is what type of quesadilla are you going to be ordering? With such an exciting item returning to the menu we wanted to make sure we had every base covered to include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To start the day we have our brekkie quesadilla’s with your choice of ham, tomato, chorizo, bacon or sauteed vegetables as a filling and then topped with cheese! Make it a quesadilla plus and you’ve got pico, sour cream and guac included! Add a $2 barista made coffee and your day will be off to a flying start!

Now that brekkie is out of the way, you’ve got all day from brunch, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner to pick which quesadilla you’ll be having next. On the menu is all of your favourite fillings from ground beef to barramundi pressed in a flour tortilla with melty cheese and then the option to grab a quesadilla plus with sour cream, guac and pico!

The options are endless with the return of the quesadilla to the GYG menu and we are certain you’ll find a way to enjoy them throughout the day whether ordering in store for dine in or take away, via your local drive thru, on the GYG app for pick up and even on delivery through our amazing delivery partners!

So celebrate the return of a GYG favourite and give our brand new quesadilla plus a go with all of your favourite fillings for brekkie, lunch or dinner at your nearest GYG!