We’ve been cooking up something special! Our new app will be in your hands soon enough and here's what you can expect...

6 April 2022
By GYG Team

If there’s one thing we love as much as food it’s new tech and at GYG we always want to be on top of our game with the latest and greatest technology. It’s amazing to see all our fans using the GYG App on the daily, locking in their favourite orders and earning as many GYG Points as they can for their next GYG$ bonus!

But we think it’s about time we announce something that you‘ve all been waiting for. We’ve been cooking up something pretty special…an all new app! It will be in your hands soon enough and here’s what you can expect…

The new GYG app includes a fresh look, streamlined ordering process and heaps of exciting features that will make ordering GYG easier and way more fun. Don’t worry all the things you love are still there, like earning GYG$ to score free food, and we’ve made them more accessible than ever!

Here’s a few of the new things we think you’ll love:

  • New Ordering Flow – It takes just a few clicks to order exactly what you need and checkout fast!
  • Favourites – The best thing about GYG is all the tasty customisations that make your order unique. Now you can save your favourite products just the way you like them and add to your cart in one click.
  • New Products – We’ve added some new items that were previously only available in our restaurants. Hint: check out the ‘Bundles’ section of the menu for some awesome new value deals.
  • Drive Thru Pickup – Get your GYG super-fast by selecting Drive Thru and picking up right from the window.
  • Points & Rewards – It’s now easier to track your points across the app and earn GYG$. Once you’ve earned your GYG$ you can now split your payments between GYG$ and other payment methods giving you more flexibility.
  • Table Service – Kick back in the restaurant, order using our table service feature and we’ll bring the food right to your table (coming soon).

That’s just a taste of the awesome features we will be offering on our brand-new app and we cannot wait to share all of this with you in the coming weeks. So keep an eye on your native app store for the latest update, because this is one update you won’t want to miss!