Our fan favourite Pulled Shiitake Mushroom is back!!!

Pulled Shiitake Mushroom filling is back on the GYG Menu for breakfast, lunch & dinner! 🍄

1 July 2024
By GYG Team

YES, you read that right! Our Pulled Shiitake Mushroom filling is back on the GYG Menu and it’s available for brekkie for the first time ever! 😱😱😱

We saw the TikToks, read the DMs and heard it loud in the news headlines! If there’s one thing our guests are great at, it’s being LOUD! When we heard how much our guests missed our Mushroom filling we knew we had to bring it back!

Pulled Shiitake Mushroom filling is officially back at all GYG restaurants across Australia!!!!! 🎉

And for the first time, we are launching Mushroom as a filling on our Brekkie menu. Our team has been testing and trialling out the Pulled Shiitake Mushroom filling in our Brekkie Burritos, Tacos and Bowls and we know you are all going to LOVE IT!

To celebrate the addition of our new filling, we are launching the NEW Pulled Shiitake Mushroom Taco. Loaded with Pulled Shiitake Mushroom filling, topped with crunchy iceberg lettuce and fresh Pico de Gallo topped with a deliciously creamy vegan Herb Mayo, this menu item is completely plant-based and is going to be a crowd favourite! 

So now that the news is out, there’s only one left to do! Whether you’re craving an old favourite or trying it for the first time, get down to your local GYG and order our Pulled Shiitake Mushroom filling today!

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