Our People – Jade & Shadman

Jade and Shadman are true representations of the ‘dream team’!

7 October 2022
By GYG Team

At GYG, our restaurant crew are at the core of who we are. They are the ones who each and every day represent the GYG brand and serve our amazing customers their favourite Mexican food! 

Jade and Shadman are true representations of the ‘dream team’! Together they’ve been part of the GYG family for over 14 years. The pair began their journey preparing food on the line, to now being Restaurant Assistant and Restaurant Manager at GYG Macarthur Square! 

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like working at a GYG Restaurant from day one, you can talk to Jade. She began her journey in 2014 when Macarthur Square first opened its doors. Over the 8 years working there, Jade has built an awesome career! To starting on the line preparing delicious Burritos, Nachos and Tacos, to dealing with customers day-to-day working sales, and more recently leading the team as Restaurant Manager.

Jade has an incredibly infectious personality and is massive team player. If you ask her what the best part of working at GYG is, she’ll tell you “it’s the amazing people I get to work with every day!”

There’s nothing better than having an amazing and supportive team to work with every day, and Shadman can’t agree more. With over 6 years under his belt working at GYG, Shadman has worn many hats during his time. Starting on the line rolling epic burritos, to being a talented cook preparing awesome food using fresh ingredients and Mexican flavours that we all love, to now working as Assistant Manager.

Shadman has taken the opportunity at GYG to develop his skills over the years and most importantly develop life-long friendships. He’d say the best thing about working at GYG is “his amazing team who makes every day enjoyable”. 

Now is the perfect time to start your journey at GYG, the opportunities are endless! If you want to join the best team, score some awesome GYG merch and love your work then check out our careers page today https://www.guzmanygomez.com.au/careers/.