Celebrate National Nachos Day at GYG!

It's National Nachos Day and there's no better place to celebrate than at your local GYG!

6 November 2022
By GYG Team

They can be mild or spicy, they can be cheesy and saucy, loaded with your filling of choice on the most golden, crunchy corn chips – it’s no wonder Nachos have their own day to celebrate them!

National Nachos Day is celebrated globally and is the best excuse to stop by your local GYG for some flavour-packed Nachos! Perfect for lunch, dinner, as a side or shared with mates!

Ingrained in Mexican culture, Nachos are a true menu staple at GYG. With all your favourite things, you can customise your Nachos to just the way you like them…you can even order a Mini Nachos and have them as a cheeky side!

And for those who like to mix things up a little, GYG’s Nacho Fries are for you! Swap out our Corn Chips, for Chipotle-Seasoned Fries and layer it with all your favourite things like cheese, guac and sour cream. Perfect on their own, as a side or even a mini!

So what’re waiting for? Our Nachos are calling your name, come celebrate with the team at your local GYG!