It’s All About the Seasoning!

Can’t get enough of GYG’s fries? It’s all about the seasoning!

6 September 2022
By GYG Team

At GYG we’re on a mission to reinvent fast food; and when it comes to fast food, there’s nothing more iconic than Fries! That’s why our beautiful, skin-on Fries are made with real potato and no preservatives or unnecessary additives.

Amazing as that is, why does everyone really love GYG’s fries?

It’s all about the seasoning!

Our uniquely addictive chipotle-seasoning is the special element that really sets our fries apart and keeps you guys coming back…one taste and you’re hooked!

That seasoning doesn’t make just our fries so craveable…it’s the whole fries range! Our chipotle seasoning gives our Nacho fries that special ‘pop’ and our amazingly cheesy Queso fries that ‘zing’. We love our fries so much that we’ve even put fries in a burrito – it’s called the Cali, and it’s already become a cult favourite on our menu that’s a must-try.

So if you’re wondering why you always feel compelled to make it a meal, or simply can’t get enough of our nacho fries, now you know why – it’s all about the seasoning!