GYG’s Minis range – Cheaper Than Cooking At Home!

GYG's Mini Range - all your favourites in a smaller portion size and at an even cheaper price than you can cook at home!

11 October 2022
By GYG Team

Why cook at home when it’s cheaper and easier to eat GYG?

That’s why everyone loves our amazing range of Mini Burritos, Bowls, Nachos and more – it’s cheaper than cooking at home! 

Take our Mini chicken bowl; grilled free-range chicken, fresh pico de gallo salsa, Jack cheese, rice, beans and more – all for just $8.70*! 

You just can’t make something as good, as fast, as fresh, as delicious, for that price at home – all without the mess of cleaning up and the hassle of a trip to the supermarket. Sounds too good to be true? Check out the bottom of this post! 

So whether it’s a work lunch, a weeknight family dinner or a wallet-friendly afternoon treat, you just can’t beat the GYG’s Minis range – it’s cheaper than cooking at home! 

Go ahead and save yourself time and money by ordering our Minis Range in a restaurant, on delivery or via the GYG App today!


We love a challenge at GYG, and we weren’t short of crew members keen to put “Cheaper than cooking at home” to the test!  

One of the #MumsofGYG took on the challenge, doing a full shop to cook a Mexican dinner for a family of 4 for cheaper than a set of 4 x GYG Minis.

The only criteria was that the ingredients had to match ours as close as possible when it came to quality, also accepting that our house-made marinades and spice blends can’t really be replicated.

The Grocery shop came in at $50.36. 

Four GYG Mini Chicken Burritos? Just $38.80! All without chopping an onion or cleaning up pots and pans.

So as you can see – when we say GYG minis are ‘cheaper than cooking at home’, we really do mean it! 

*Minis range starts from $8.70 at T1 Menu restaurants $9.40 at T2 restaurants.