Get saucy with our Salsa Station and Mexican Sauces!

Customise your favourite GYG menu item with our salsa station must-haves and unique Mexican sauces!

12 October 2022
By GYG Team

Loving GYG is something we can all agree on but how you like your burrito, tacos or nachos, well that’s something we may not always see eye to eye on… It’s a lucky thing all your favourite menu items can be customised with our salsa station must-haves and unique Mexican sauces!

Spice up your GYG order by adding any of our Salsa Station items for free.. yep that’s right for free when you order in restaurant or via the GYG App! From freshly chopped coriander and Spanish onion to pickled jalapeños, smokey chipotle and habanero sauce, you can really fine-tune your order to how your taste buds are feeling. It’s no joke when we say you can build your order just the way you like it, so whether you want an extra kick of spice or that added Mexican flavour, we have your back!

Our Salsa Station is available across all of our restaurants, just ask our crew when ordering and they’ll be able to help you out! You can also add any of our Salsa Station items when ordering via the GYG App or on one of our amazing delivery partners (for a little extra cost).

And for those who like things extra saucy, our epic range of Mexican inspired sauces and salsas can take your GYG order from great to well, even greater! You can choose from Chipotle Mayo, our vegan Chimi Mayo or Jalapeño Ketchup which is the perfect blend of jalapeño salsa with a rich tomato flavour. Add any of these sauces to your favourite GYG menu item or as a side to dip our chipotle-seasoned fries in!

The possibilities are endless with all our add-on menu items, and even better they’re all CLEAN! Next time you’re ordering at a GYG, why not change it up with our Salsa Station options or special sauces!