National Churro Day!

Celebrate with GYG on National Churro Day!!!

5 June 2023
By GYG Team

A day for everyone to stop what they’re doing and get down to your local GYG because, IT’S NATIONAL CHURRO DAY!!!

We’re officially claiming GYG’s Churros with Dulce de Leche or pure Chocolate sauce THE dessert this winter! And what better way to commemorate your new fave dessert than getting one this Tuesday, 6th June on NATIONAL CHURRO DAY!

Tossed in mouth-watering cinnamon sugar, made fresh to order, there’s nothing quite like a GYG Churro. And available at any time of the day, you now don’t have to wait until after dinner for a cheeky dessert! Paired with your choice of Dulce de Leche or pure Chocolate dipping sauces, this sweet treat will be sure to cure your cravings 😍

For those whole like to make it a lil extra on National Churro Day then find your nearest GYG serving Soft Serve and take your Churros to the next level with a Churro Sundae featuring your favourite sauce to top it off!!

Celebrate National Churro Day with GYG and indulge yourself with a dessert that is hot, crunchy, sweet and most importantly boasting with authentic flavour!