Our menu favs that are all under $10 !!

3 February 2023
By GYG Team

What do our customers love more than a nutritious GYG meal? A nutritious GYG meal that doesn’t break the bank!

Now more than ever, Guzman y Gomez understands the importance of high-quality food that is both filling and affordable!

Our 100% Clean menu is one that can satisfy your needs, whether it’s a light snack or a meal to fill you up after training at the gym. 

We’ve pulled together our fave value menu items, so you don’t have to! And speaking of good value, you can add any item from our salsa station for free!

Guac or Avo on Toast – From $4.00

We know how much our customers love adding guac to our classic bowls and burritos, so why wait for lunch to get some? For just $4 for one slice or $6.50 for two slices, our avocado or fresh guac on toasted sourdough will have you coming back every morning without feeling guilty for blowing your budget and our fave Brand Fan @jackcoopxr could not agree more!

Coffee – From $2.00

In a rush and need something to give you that extra boost of energy in the morning? Our Barista-made Coffee has got you covered for only $2 on the GYG App. So skip the line next time you’re up and about early and grab yourself a GYG coffee!

Brekkie Burrito – $7.20

At GYG a good morning is all about a good brekkie, and our brekkie burritos are just the right menu item that has all the right ingredients needed to have an active day. With fluffy scrambled eggs, a golden crispy hash brown, jack cheese, pico de gallo, salsa and your choice or bacon, chorizo or veggies, it’s the best reason to get your day started. 

Corn Chips & Guac – $6.00

At GYG, saying that we are obsessed with our food would be an understatement. Don’t believe us? Our corn chip took 21 different versions of trial before we knew it was “the one”. These perfectly crunchy chips paired with our freshly prepared guac are the perfect after-school or work snack to hold you over before your GYG dinner!

$3 Taco – $3.00

When you think of only having $4 for a meal, it’s hard to think of anything that would be healthy and filling enough to leave you not feeling gross, but for only $3 at GYG you can get our signature hard taco shell stuffed with ground beef, cheese and lettuce. Our $3 Taco takes the traditional taco kit and makes it clean, fresh, and better value than ever. Whether you’ve got a growling tummy or just need a tasty top-up after a long day, our affordable tacos can satisfy all your hunger needs.

Quesadilla – From $4.00

For the ultimate cheese-pull Instagrammable moment, look no further than GYG’s quesadilla . We take our signature flour tortilla and melt our Monterey Jack Cheese to make you the Mexican version of a toastie for just 4 dollars!  If you want to upgrade your quesadilla to a regular or even plus, you can add the filling of your choosing with salsa, guac and sour cream. 

 Mini Chicken Burrito Bowl – $8.90

At GYG we believe fast food can, and should be, good food you can eat every day. That means that it has to be fresh, it has to be clean and most importantly, it has to be great value. Our minis range ticks all of these boxes. Take our Mini chicken bowl; grilled free-range chicken, fresh Pico de Gallo, Jack cheese, rice and beans and more – all from $8.90 it’s a deal that can’t be beat!

Soft Serve Cone  – $2.50

There’s no healthier, yummier, or cheaper way to satisfy your sweet tooth than with our Soft Serve Cone. A sweet treat to finish off your GYG order, say no more!!!