Start the new year with healthy choices at GYG

Healthy hacks from the GYG menu to kick start your year!

4 January 2023
By GYG Team

We love the start of a new year, the sun is out and we are spending time with our family and friends. It’s also the time where we set new goals and resolutions for the year. If one of your goals is to make healthier choices GYG is here to help you stay on track – because who said fast-food has to be bad food. 

At GYG we believe in real food, made fresh, using only the best ingredients.  Our menu is 100% Clean meaning it contains no added preservatives, no artificial flavours, no added colours or unacceptable additives. Just delicious freshly-prepared food perfect for every lifestyle. 

The GYG menu is fully customisable and every order is made fresh, just the way you like it. Guzman y Gomez nutritionist Sarah Patterson has shared her top GYG customisations to help you refuel your body no matter your work out, dietary preferences, or health goals: 

  • Add extra Sauteed Vegetables – upping the vitamins and antioxidants in your meal to help keep you healthy. Antioxidants are also important to protect against free radical damage that can happen during intense exercise.
  • The regular serves of Grilled Chicken, Slow Cooked Beef, or Pulled Pork fillings provide 20-25g of protein. Add extra to double the protein. 
  • Going for a meat-free option? Choose a menu item with black beans, like our Burrito Bowls, which  can help meet nutrient targets. 
  • Want all the vegetable goodness of a salad but need a carbohydrate hit too – try adding a side of brown rice or black beans.

We love to hear about your fave GYG customisations, share your fave GYG and tag us at @guzmanygomezau