FROM NYC TO GYG – My first week at Guzman y Gomez 

"I knew then that working at GYG was where I wanted to be" - read about Lauren Fish's first week as PR Coordinator!

9 November 2022
By GYG Team

No more than two months ago I was living in New York City, disappointed in the fact that I was working from home and siloed in my tasks at work. I craved a collaborative environment where I was valued for my contributions so I made the decision to leave it all behind and move to Sydney, a place I loved since studying here in 2020. I knew then that working at GYG was where I wanted to be. 

And I was right! My first day at Hola Central was filled with a sense of familiarity and comfort from colleagues I had only just met, and after a week in the new role (and some in-restaurant training) I attended GYG’s first in-person conference in three years, where 300+ of GYG’s Hola Central employees, franchisees, and partners gathered to celebrate our culture and values.

The jam-packed day featured talks from Dr Peter Fuda, Mecca co-founder Jo Horgan, and a panel of Australia’s top athletes moderated by Ed Cowan. We were also lucky enough to hear from Paul Moraitis from Morco and our very own leadership panel. 

During Dr. Peter Fuda’s interactive discussion, I watched faces light up around the room, taking notes and having conversations on ways they can positively impact the people around them daily. Through these conversations, it was evident that every single person at GYG is helping us to achieve the goal of becoming the number one restaurant company in the world. 

“It’s up to us”. To the GYG family, this value means that the future is ours to dominate and there is no better way to achieve this than by asking ourselves how we can improve year by year. This contagious goal-oriented thinking radiates throughout the whole company and is a direct result of the values instilled by our CEO and Founder Steven Marks in every single one of GYG’s employees. 

During an energetic panel featuring: 5x Gold medalist Bronte Campbell, Australian Sprinter Steve Solomon and NSW Swifts Premiership coach Briony Akle, it was obvious that through the pursuit of their athletic and professional endeavours, GYG is what fueled them, emphasising the importance of our very first value, “it’s all about the food”.

Last was our Yellow Heart Awards. These awards grant one exemplary Hola Central employee, one supplier, and one franchisee the honour of being a remarkable asset to the GYG business. This year’s recipients for the yellow heart awards for Hola Central employee and GYG Franchisee were Eduardo Becerra and Danny Athans respectively with both receiving a standing ovation from their peers. 

The Annual Summit truly emulates the GYG culture and the love shared throughout the GYG family. Our value, “got your back”, isn’t just words on a wall, it’s the constant rooting for the success of our fellow GYG team members and in turn, it’s what makes the values of the company special! Whether it’s in Hola Central, the restaurant, or an Annual Summit, GYG has built a culture that I’m proud to be part of. Check out our Annual Summit video below!


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– Lauren Fish, PR Coordinator