From the Crew, to Shift Leader, to Car Winner!

How referring a friend to work at GYG gave Daniel the chance to win big!

12 April 2023
By GYG Team

When Daniel Kigerl was pulled aside at work for a talk with our People and Culture team, naturally his nerves increased, however, this quickly turned to excitement as he walked away with a brand-new car, courtesy of GYG! 

Through GYG’s staff incentive program, any GYG staff member, like Daniel, who successfully refers someone to join the GYG family in a corporate restaurant receives a cash reward, limited edition GYG merch and even more exciting, gets an opportunity to win a new car!

Dave Young, our Head of Talent has seen with his own eyes the importance of referral programs saying “it makes coming to work fun, plus you get to work with your friends and family.” 

After seeing signs posted around GYG Tullamarine encouraging crew members to participate in the referral program, Daniel felt inspired to refer his friend Emily to join GYG. 

Emily’s journey started at GYG by asking Daniel how to get her hands on the GYG merch that Daniel was constantly repping. That conversation developed to talking about the friends Daniel’s made and skills he’s learned at GYG, thus inspiring Emily to join the GYG family. 

Funnily enough, Daniel was enthusiastic about referring Emily because of the exclusive crew neck sweater he knew he’d receive. Daniel emphasised, “I was talking about that crew neck for weeks after I saw it”. He never even expected to win a car. 

Daniel recounts feeling “confused, speechless and overwhelmed at everything…I was starstruck”!

And we can’t think of anyone more deserving than Daniel! As a 20-year-old using Uber to get to and from work, we’re happy to provide him with a ride, in our signature GYG Yellow no less. 

Both Emily and Daniel, along with Daniel’s friends that referred him, are still going strong at GYG and hope to stay within the GYG family for years to come!

We can’t wait for Daniel to hit the streets in three months when he gets his licence. For his first job out of high school, we’d say Daniel hit the jackpot at GYG and so did we with Daniel! 

In 2023, GYG Is looking for the best talent in the country, if you’re wanting to join the team and find out more check out our careers page today