Our People: Bailey’s Story

What makes GYG so special for me is the electric energy that pulses through every aspect of my work

30 November 2022
By GYG Team

How one closed restaurant turned into a career opening new restaurants. 

By Bailey Grevsmuhl

At Guzman y Gomez one of our values is ‘make every customer love us’. We want every guest to walk away with a memorable experience, whether it’s talking to our crew, the food or chatting with our Hola Central team. 

For me, my email exchange with our customer service team is what inspired me to join the GYG family. After an over-the-top positive experience I had while inquiring about the status of my local restaurant in Queensland shutting down during lockdowns, I knew GYG was the team I wanted to be a part of.

Currently, my role is the New Restaurant Openings Lead but, throughout my journey at GYG, I have worn many different hats. From an Assistant Restaurant Manager to collaborating with Culinary & Operations Coaches, and a quick promotion to Restaurant Manager, it was clear that GYG and I both understood the importance of making new restaurant openings as efficient and fun as possible for both guests and the GYG crew. 

The New Restaurant Openings team work with Franchisees to ensure that they are on track to run a smooth opening that continues its success past the first few weeks of trade. With GYG’s current goal of opening 35+ Restaurants per year, the New Restaurant Openings team are helping us achieve this goal. If you don’t have a GYG near you, there will be one in no time!

What puts GYG in a league of its own is the amazing $5 opening days! To see the kitchen full of crew on their busiest day, still dancing, singing and laughing, all while calling out customer numbers over the Mariachi Band, handing out food and merch and is what brings a smile to our guests’ faces.

What makes GYG so special for me is the electric energy that pulses through every aspect of my work. No other company that I’ve ever worked for has this thrill every day! No matter where you might find yourself or how busy a day in a restaurant is, you can’t help but want to come back for more and do it all again!

My journey at GYG started with a closed restaurant and now I get to open new restaurants for a living and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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