Why You (and Your Body) Should Love Burritos!

Packed full of nutrient-dense goodness, there are plenty of reasons why you (and your body) should love Burritos! Read on to find out what Nutritionist, Sarah Patterson, had to say about GYG's humble burrito.

16 April 2023
By GYG Team

Why you (and your body) should love Burritos!

With National Burrito Day having just passed, we’ve still got delicious GYG Burritos on our minds – and for a good reason!

We think the Burrito doesn’t get enough credit… We know they’re delicious, but the burrito can be full of nutritional benefits too! To help celebrate National Burrito Day, we chatted with Nutritionist, Sarah Patterson, to uncover all the key nutritional benefits of the humble burrito that you need to know!

Read on to find out for yourself why you should love Burritos too!

All five food groups in one delicious bundle – that’s right, you can get the benefits of the five food core food groups all wrapped up in a fluffy tortilla.

  • Grains and cereals from our tortilla and steamed rice
  • Meat or alternatives from our filling choices and black beans
  • Dairy from our signature Jack Cheese
  • Vegetables from our delicious salsas
  • Fruit from lemon juice in our freshly made pico (tomato salsa) and guacamole

Making a lighter choice – At GYG it’s easier than ever to customise your Burrito to suit your preferences. Next time you’re after a lighter choice, try removing the cheese, adding extra pico, and swapping the rice for lettuce to save yourself 1000kJ (260Cal).

At least two serves of vegetables – did you know all of GYGs regular burritos have more than two servings of vegetables? Yep, and if you’re feeling the need to up those veggies, choosing the Sauteed Vegetables with guacamole filling will give you over four serves which is more than 80% of your five-a-day veggie requirement!

Nutrient-dense, real food! – GYG Burritos are based on whole and real foods, such as vegetables and lean proteins that are nutrient-dense options because they contain a lot of core foods. When compared to the same weight or serving size as your favourite burger or pizza, GYG burritos are often actually lower in Calories, fat, and sodium!

Bean benefits – we all know that legumes are good for you, but do we really know why? Well, Black beans have a low glycaemic index, meaning that they help you feel fuller for longer and provide longer-lasting energy to help you perform at your best throughout the whole day! 

Gut support – an important contributor to a healthy gut is eating a variety of fibre from different plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains. By choosing Sauteed Vegetables with Guacamole as a filling and opting for brown rice, you can add the goodness of six different vegetables, the benefits of legumes from black beans and wholegrains from brown rice 😱

So now that you know why you (and your body) should love Burritos – give the GYG Burrito a go next time you’re after a nutritious, filling and affordable meal!

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